How to Help

To help with the rescue, you can:  

  • Volunteer!
  • Make a donation through Paypal to:
  •  Mail a check as a donation Pay towards the rescue vet bill at 770-386-2362 Sponsor a rescue ferret for as little as $5 per month. 
  • Schedule a monthly payment through your checking account or Paypal account – ($11 pays for a ferret’s food for a month.) 
  • Register your Kroger card info and the rescue receives a percentage of any Kroger purchase! Choose recipient – Kindness Matters Ferret Rescue. 
  • Shop on-line through and the rescue gets $5 for each sign-up and a percentage of any orders made! Or, download the Button, iPad and Android apps for and it automatically activates at participating stores. Choose charity – Kindness Matters Ferret Rescue. 
  • Register with Amazon Smile and the rescue receives a percentage of any Amazon order! Choose charity – Kindness Matters. 
  • Order food or supplies or buy a gift card from Food and supplies always needed: FerreTone, Marshalls, 8 in 1 Ultimate Crunchy, ZuPreem.  
  • Foster a rescue ferret! (The rescue pays for medical care.) 
  • Get Scout troops interested in the rescue for volunteering or sponsoring! 
  • Donate supplies: Good quality paper towels (Viva preferred), Charmin strong toilet paper, Dawn, newspaper, bleach, free and clear laundry detergent, Oxy-Clean powder stain remover, used or new ferret supplies, Zep concentrated carpet solution gallon (Lowe’s or Home Depot), 13 gallon cinch tie trash bags, horse pine pellets, Grizzly salmon oil, ProBios probiotics, liquid hand soap.


We appreciate any help you can offer, whether it’s donations, volunteer work, or even just telling others about us! Following us on social media and leaving good reviews also helps us a lot.