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Successful Adoptions

It is so great to hear updates!

"Just wanted to give you a little update on Apollo and Ginger. My husband and I adopted them back in March and they're both doing so so well! I have been especially happy with how much improvement Apollo has shown. He is maintaining a healthy weight and his coat is getting progressively more healthy as well. Ginger continues to be just as lovey and cuddly as when we first brought her home They both love our first ferret Lucy, and she loves them right back. I was afraid that one of them would become a third wheel, but all three are just the best friends in the world. Thank you so much for taking care of Apollo and Ginger before we got to bring them home!" - Krista

"Just a quick update. Blu and Rogue are doing wonderful here. They are part of the family and we adore them and their unique personalities."

From Fat Kid and Tank's new family:
"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how awesome tank and Fatkid are doing. They have been a blessing to our family and I couldn't imagine life without them now.
They have both been fully accepted by our gang no fights at all !! Fat kid is doing great no depression or sadness whatsoever and you know I've been watching him like a hawk !! He has been playing with Luther, midnight and bug and has really taken a serious liking to smith that's his little buddy every time I go looking for him those 2 are always huddled up together BTW fat kid likes tennis balls lol he goes and finds them and brings them to smith !!!
Tank is the lively one of the bunch and gets all the old grumps to actually get up an play it's hilarious !!! Him and havoc chased each other today for over 45 min playing and fooling and sliding across the wood floors then he passed out in the ball pit lol.. I was so happy to see havoc playing like thy again.
And the best news EVER ...... there was a huge break thru this morning and both fat kid and tank come over to the bowl I put down and ate the Raw deer and Rabbit soupies that I mixed up for breakfast with no problems!!
A matter of fact fat kid was scarfing it down !! This was extremely exciting !!"

"Hi Debbie, just wanted to say hi and let you know that my little baby Angel is doing well. I love him so much and he is the light of my life. Hope you and your babies are doing well too."

I received this email from the man who adopted Tootsie yesterday:
"Tootsie just fell asleep on my legs. How adorable. What I am sure of is everything will work out. I knew the moment I held her."

"Perry is doing well. He loves to run around the house and play "hide the toys". He's even found his own little place to take a nap in when he wants to be alone. We love our new baby :-D" - Malady Johnson

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