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Documents & Links

Items to have on hand in case of illness
Ferrets and Children
Ferrets and Biting
What to do if you discover fleas

Basic Ferret Info
American Ferret Association
FML - Ferret Mailing List
Ferret Magazine
10 tips for new ferret owners
Medical History Worksheet - Keep your ferret(s) information neatly organized.
Alternate health record form
Ferret Manual- written by Richard K. Bossart, 2001.
Sukie's List
Finding a Lost Ferret

Holistic Ferret boards - Excellent information and help for converting to raw diet
Isn't the ferret just a smaller cat? - The answer is NO!
Food Chart via

Medical Information
Ferret Symptom Chart
First Aid - via
How to help a choking ferret
Mast Cell Tumors - January 1999
Insulinoma - 1995 - General Information / Tumors - a big thank you for their support to the shelter with their blood glucose tests!

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Register to be a foster home fo a pet of deployed military personel!

9 tips for ferrets
20 Reasons people think you are a crazy ferret person
A night with ferrets
How to wrap a present with ferrets in the house
Ferret Calories
Inside your Dog's and Cat's Brain
Smart dog on Mario Lopez's show

General Living Information
Germs in your home - 2006
House Safety
Story of Edith Burns

Past Shelter Newsletters
August 2011 - KMFR - Soup, Signs to go to vet
April 2011 - KMFR - Ulcers, PeePads
December 2010 - KMFR - The 1st newsletter, head tilt